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Langley Mill Academy Curriculum 2021

Live, Laugh, Learn


Rationale – Our Curriculum at Langley Mill Academy

At Langley Mill Academy we believe that our children need a curriculum that promotes ambition and aspiration, through purposeful and rich experiences that broaden their perspective on life.

We know that our children need a curriculum that embeds knowledge, expands vocabulary and captures their imagination.  We ensure that our curriculum provides the vital inspiration and challenge to give our children the confidence to choose and own their future.

Our curriculum allows children to retain knowledge and vocabulary.  It is carefully designed so that children can build on knowledge and skills learned, and use them in the next stage of their education.

We have tailored the implementation of our curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of all learners whatever their starting point may be.  We recognise that some of our children have significant barriers to learning, whether they be physical, emotional, social or cognitive and we work hard to ensure that these barriers are removed or their impact lessened.

We ensure that all children gain a wealth of experience beyond the learning in the classroom.  We want our wider curriculum to inspire children to want to learn more, to provoke curiosity and to create experiences that are memorable.


Our Intention

At Langley Mill Academy we want our children to learn about the world that they have come from (Values), the world around them (Journeys) and their local community (Origins).  We aim to prepare them for their next stage of their education by being competent and fluent readers, writers and mathematicians.  We want our pupils to know about themselves, their own bodies, their own feelings and their own health and we do this through our RSHE curriculum.

We teach our children the National Curriculum through discrete subjects and through three themes:

Values – Journeys – Origins

Each year group has a different theme within our themes which build across the four year groups.

Values – Y3: How did Invaders and Settlers change Britain? Y4: How did the Roman Empire impact Britain? Y5: How did the Ancient Greeks impact Britain? Y6: How was our democracy challenged during World War Two?

Journeys – Y3: Around the World in 80 Days, Y4: How the world we know today was changed by explorers, Y5: To Boldly Go, Y6: An Unexpected Journey

Origins – Y3: Robin Hood – myth or legend? Y4: What happened in Tudor Derbyshire? Y5: What was Victorian Langley Mill like? Y6: Which is the most important valley in the world – the Nile or the Derwent?



English and mathematics are taught daily.

Children take part in themed reading sessions three times a week and listen to the class novel five times a week.  Individual reading is also completed – the frequency is based on a need basis. Phonics, where needed, is taught daily via targeted interventions.  Spelling is taught weekly.

Dedicated lessons in PE and BSL are taught twice a week, RE (following the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus) and RSHE once a week, science is taught as a block each term and computing for an extended lesson once a fortnight.

The three themes teach the skills and knowledge of the history, geography, design and technology, music and art curriculum. These topics have links to Values for Life in Modern Britain, outdoor learning, the Djanogly Dozen and offsite learning.

Theme days are marked and celebrated each term such as communities day, online safety, Show Racism the Red card, Anti-Bullying and Children in Need.



Our aim is that children leave Langley Mill Academy completely ready and prepared for the next stage of their education.  This will be evident in several ways:

  • - Attainment and achievement outcomes
  • - Standard of learning in books
  • - Pupil voice
  • - Destination data
  • - Attendance data
  • - Behaviour data


See also individual curriculum pages.

If you would like any further information about the curriculum please do not hesitate to contact school.