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Langley Mill Junior School

Langley Mill Junior School

Welcome to 3RA!

We are Miss Armstrong (Class Teacher), Miss Parkin (Teaching Assistant) and Mrs Ault (Teaching Assistant). 

We hope you have had a lovely Summer break and are ready to begin your new learning journey with us here at Langley Mill Junior School. 

Take a look below at the curriculum we will be covering this term.



In English we will be learning how to recognise and design our own: Narrative, Chronological report and recount. A couple of the texts we will be using are The Mousehole Cat and Beowulf. Do you recognise these narratives? Can you do some research to find out about the authors? Don't forget to tell Miss Armstrong your findings! 

We will also be working with 3MW in Phonics four times a week. This will help you with your spelling and reading skills.



This term in Maths we will be looking at the following units: Number and place value, addition and subtraction and properties of shape. 

We work extremely hard to learn our times tables in Year 3. This term we will be focusing on our twos, threes and fours. You can extend your learning by practising your tables at home. For example, you could challenge an adult to see who can say the multiples of three the quickest, or you could even take turns to say each multiple as you walk to school. These simple, yet effective methods can help considerably. 

Click on the image below. It will take you to an interactive game to help you get started! 



Our first unit in Topic is all about the Anglo Saxons. 

You will be completing exciting lessons covering many subjects including History, Design and Technology, Art, Geography and Religious Education.


We will be working hard to answer the following challenges:

-Why did the Anglo Saxons come to Britain? (History: Invasion, settling motive, farm land, how they lived, general lifestyles)

-Why do people settle in different places? (Geography: Types of settlement e.g. by rivers, on hills etc, place names, why were different places called different things, what were they named after?)

-What are maps? (Geography: Looking at different types of maps beginning with school maps, making own maps, local area maps, google maps)

-What did Anglo Saxon children play with? (Design & Technology: Creating own game)

-What were Anglo Saxon Crafts? (Art: Weaving)

-Why is pilgrimage important to some religions (Religious Education: Places of pilgrimage)

Click on the image below to begin your learning!


Year 3 will be expected to complete two pieces of homework each week. It will be sent home every Friday and will need to be returned the following Friday. 

It will consist of one piece of Maths, linked to the unit covered that week, and one spelling list. The spellings will be taken from the National Curriculum for Year 3 and often words using the sound studied that week in Phonics. 


3RA's PE days are Mondays and Thursdays. Each child will need the relevant clothing for PE each week. We will begin the term with dodgeball and dance. 



If you have any queries or concerns for your child and their education, or would just like a general chat then do not hesitate to catch me (Miss Armstrong) at the end of the school day outside on the playground. Alternatively, you can make an appointment at the office.  

Year 3 look forward to a fun-filled first term!