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Langley Mill Junior School

Langley Mill Junior School

Welcome to 3RA!

We are Miss Armstrong (Class teacher) and Miss Parkin (Teaching Assistant).


Welcome back from your break! We hope you have had a lovely relaxing week off and are ready to return to school for your final  term in Year 3! 



In English we will be looking at narratives and infomration writing. 

Narratives: The book we will be initially reading and working alongside to help us is called 'The Carnival Of The Animals' written by author John Lithgow. We will be using this story to inspire our own narrative writing. So, begin to think of an adventurous character for your story as well as an enchanting setting and interesting plot. 

We will also be looking at information writing using a wide selection of non-fiction texts. 

W/c 24/04/17. We have been identifying a variety of poetry features including metaphors. Take a look at the videos below of some of our fantastic ideas!


Four children in 3RA now have pen licenses! Two more are extremely close too smile See if you can concentrate on your letter formation and joins in your handwriting this term to be able to join the pen-writing fun. 


This term in Maths we will be looking at a wide range of topics including: Multiplication and division, statistics and measurement (time). 

Please refer to the unit newsletter that we give out at the start of each unit (this will be given in the first week of the second summer term). 

Click on the maths picture below to help with your maths knowledge! Also, use the 'hit the button' website to help you learn your times tables. Use the hit the button game to practise your 3, 4 and 8 times tables, our focus times tables this term. You can also use the website NRICH which has lots of interesting and cool maths games to help you solve various Mathematical problems. (

Image result for mathsImage result for hit the button maths


For our final Topic we will be learning all about how plants and animals grow. We have lots of fun lessons planned that cover a variety of questions such as:  

  • How do plants grow? (Science)
  • How do animals grow and move? (Science)
  • How can we use plants to create art? (Art)
  • What do religions teach us about the natural world? (Religious Education)
  • We will also be using a variety of musical instruments to inspire our senses and demonstrate our perceptions about the natural world. (Music)

 These questions will contribute to answering the big question: How do plants and animals grow?

You could begin your learning by discussing with people at home what you know already about plants and animals including the different features of a plant and what they're function is. Can you spot any different types of plants as you walk to the shops or to school? What do you notice is different about them? 


W/c 8.05.17. We had a guest speaker on Friday- Tina Sissons. She spoke about her childhood and growing up in Langley Mill. Tina told us lots of interesting facts and information about our local area including old factories and shops that have now been torn down or changed. She kindly borrowed us some of her own childhood toys and memorabilia for us to explore and compare to those we use today.  Can you remember one of the answers to the following questions:

* Do you think in the next ten years there will be any more factories?

* What type of shops were there when you was a child?

* What did the train station look like 20 years ago? 


Maths homework is sent home every Friday and is due in by the following Friday.

We also send spellings each week (Fridays) which will need to be practised ready for a spelling test on the following Friday. 


We have PE twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays), so children will need a PE kit in school every week. This can be taken home to be washed at the weekend if desired. 


If you have any queries regarding your child's education or any other questions, then do not hesitate to catch me at the end of the school day or make an appointment at the school office. smile