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Welcome to 6NB!

In our class, we have Miss Body and Mrs Blake to help us with our learning. On this page you will find lots of details about the curriculum and current topic, as well as information about our work in class and homework.

Year 6 is an extremely busy yet exciting year, full of both challenges and changes while we prepare for SATs in May and the transition to a new school in Summer. 

Topic: So many to so few.

During this first term, our topic will teach us about what Britain was like during the Battle of Britain and the Second World War, including the Blitz. 


Our learning will focus on answering the following questions:


-What is a World War and why was there another in 1939?


-Who were the leaders?


-What was life like on the Home-front?


-Why were children evacuated?


-What were the sights, sounds and smells of WW2?


-Who was Anne Frank?




This term in English, we will be focusing our work around The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall, including Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. 
We will be using our English learning to enhance our Topic work also. 


In school, we follow a scheme which covers the Mathematics curriculum. This term, we will be learning about place value, addition and subtraction, and properties of shape. At the beginning of each unit of work (approximately every 3 weeks), children will be given a Maths newsletter outlining the teaching and learning at school. This also includes details of questions and activities for children to work on at home with their parents/carers to support their learning at school. 



The learning log task for this topic will be to research and present information about a chosen area of the conflict. Children will receive a prompt sheet over the half term. This will then help to support an English unit in which we will present non-chronological reports about life during the Battle of Britain and the Blitz.

Please find below expected minimum homework requirements during this term.


Reading - 3 x 15 minutes per week

Maths - 1 set per week (Wednesday)

Spelling - 1 set per week (Monday)

Science / Topic – usually 1 piece per week (Friday)


Literacy – 1 piece every 3 -4 weeks (personal learning log)The ‘learning log’ is a piece of individual homework when your child may be imaginative, creative and resourceful in order to produce various pieces of work. Children will present their personal learning to the class throughout the topic and add any resources to our Learning Log Display.


We are looking forward to a great year in Year 6, so please do not hesitate to contact school with any questions or queries. We are here to support your child and ensure that their experience at school is of the most beneficial quality for them. 

Miss Body