Langley Mill Junior School

Langley Mill Junior School

Langley Mill Junior School

Welcome to 5NB!

In our class we have Miss Body and Mrs Blake.

We are all looking forward to an exciting and successful year full of fun, and of course, lots of learning!

Here is some of our amazing art work from our previous topic: Out of Africa! We recreated landscapes from the book 'The Hunter' by Paul Geraghty.  


After our fabulous topic last term, we are looking forward to a new and exciting topic which will be 'Marvellous Mayans'. This term, we will be answering the Big Question 'Who were the Mayans and how have they affected us?'

In order to answer this question, we will be looking at:

1. Who were the Mayan's and where did they live?

2. Who did the Mayan's worship?

3. How do our beliefs differ to the Mayan's?

4. Where does chocolate come from?

5. How can we change chocolate?

7. How do Human's change throughout their life?



Here are some links if you would like to do some extra research:


Mayan Facts
This year, we will be doing lots of work on learning and improving our times tables knowledge. Times tables help children across all areas of maths learning and allow them to complete questions at a quicker pace with a more secure knowledge. Here are some fun websites for you to use at home:
Times Tables Games
Multiplication AND Division Games
BBC Bitesize Times Table Grid Game



Spelling, punctuation and grammar are all equally as important in our Literacy learning. We do lots of work on various parts of these throughout our normal lessons, however, here are some websites to further help your learning:

English Games

BBC Bitesize Literacy Games

Games and Activities


Learning at home:

 'Lexia' is an exciting, new online programme used several times per week in class by some children, helping with spelling and reading.  These children will know their log-in details to continue learning on Lexia at home. Please encourage your child to log on to Lexia at home - it's a lot of fun!

Here is a link to the website. If your child struggles to log on at home, please get in touch with Miss Body. 

Lexia Core5 UK. 


School Council

At the beginning of the term, we elected two class counsellors to represent 5NB and our opinions. Well done to Jay and Lexie! These children will have the extremely important role of contributing to the school and making sure that all of our voices are heard!



5NB have PE twice a week so will need PE kits in school. 

Maths homework will be set every Friday and is due in the following week.  There will also be a Topic project assigned to the children each half term.

To see the Topic homework for this term, click on the link below (will be uploaded very soon). We can't wait to see all of your projects!


We are looking forward to a fantastic year filled with fun learning opportunities and activities!