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Welcome to 6HW

 This  term will be a busy period for the Year 6 children, as we prepare for the exciting challenges and changes that a new school year brings. In May of this school year, the children will sit national Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) and then prepare for transition to secondary school in the summer. 


Our new topic: The Valley that changed the world

This term we will be studying the impact of rivers on our lives. To begin our topic we will study the Nile valley and its contribution to one of the first great civilizations: The Ancient Egyptians. We will follow the exploits and discoveries of Howard Carter, and answer these key questions:


- Are there any other sources that we can learn about Ancient Egypt from? (Music and RE)
- How did the Egyptians communicate? (Art – cross stitch – hieroglyphs/History)
- How did Egyptians decorate their dead? – (DT – death masks)
- How do Egyptians beliefs on death differ from modern religions? (RE links)
- What was life like in Ancient Egypt? – (History, ICT)
- How do we know about the past?  (artefacts, ancient writings – Art sketching/drawing a range of objects)
- Why do people settle near rivers?  (intro to Egypt)
- How do rivers change along their course?  (Art, independent research (books and ICT), sculpture, geography – make a river inc all features)
- Where is the Nile? (geography)
- Where does water come from? (water cycle – Science, geography links)
- How have rivers affected people? (settlements – Danube, Amazon, Orinoco, Mississippi)
- How have people affected rivers? (flooding, building on flood plains, dams – China and Derwent)


Learning at home:

We have an exciting, online programme to help your child with their reading and spelling. 'Lexia' is used several times per week in class by some children.  These children will know their log-in details to continue learning on Lexia at home. Initially it will ask you for an email address, which is: you will not be ask for this again after the first session. 

Please encourage your child to log on to Lexia at home - it's a lot of fun!

Here is a link to the website. If your child struggles to log on at home, please get in touch with Mrs. Simcox.

Lexia Core5 UK


These websites will further your child's interest in our current topic:

BBC Bitesize Ancient Egypt

Espresso - your child will know the school log-in for this website (see Mrs. Waite if they have forgotten it). Once they are logged in, they can simply search for 'Stone Age'. This will give them access to lots of fun and interactive resources. 


 Use these links to access fun games and helpful information about maths and literacy.

In Year 6, your child is expected to be able to instantly recall all multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 as well as their related division facts. These websites have some fun games which will help!

BBC Bitesize Maths


BBC Bitesize English

Woodlands Junior Literacy

 A few reminders:

  • We have PE twice a week, so children will need a PE kit in school every week. This can be taken home to be washed at the weekend
  • Children need water bottles in school
  • Maths and spelling homework is set every Friday and is due in by the following Friday
  • Topic homework will be assigned as a project each half term.