Langley Mill Junior School

Langley Mill Junior School

Langley Mill Junior School



      Welcome to 5MB      


The adults in our class are:

Mrs Beighton, Mrs Garratt and Miss Smith.

Our school councillors are:

Megan and Michael. 


This term's topic is:

Isaac's Apple.


                    This term, we will be answering the Big Question. How do forces affect our everyday life?

During this topic, we will be completing some investigations and using CAMS in Design and Technology.



This year, we will be doing lots of work on learning and improving our times tables knowledge. Times tables help children across all areas of maths learning and allow them to complete questions at a quicker pace with a more secure knowledge. Here are some fun websites for you to use at home:

 maths investigations

Hit the button


Spelling, punctuation and grammar are all equally as important in our Literacy learning. We do lots of work on various parts of these throughout our normal lessons. Use espresso to help you with this (see Mrs Beighton for details.)

In 5 MB, we have a spelling test every Monday

Learning at home:

 'Lexia' is an exciting, new online programme used several times per week in class by some children, helping with spelling and reading.  These children will know their log-in details to continue learning on Lexia at home. Please encourage your child to log on to Lexia at home - it's a lot of fun!

Here is a link to the website. If your child struggles to log on at home, please get in touch with Mrs Beighton


Summer 1 Homework