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Habitats of the world!



Our topic this term is all about climate zones, living things and habitats. Each week the children will focus on one of the following learning challenges to answer the big question -

 Could we do more to protect the habitats of the world?


  • How can we group and classify animals? 
  • Where in the world can we find endangered species?
  • How has climate change and land use endangered animals?
  • How can we persuade people to protect the world's animals? 
  • How can literature inspire our artwork?
  • Why is the Bible so important for Christians today?



In English this term, we are reading Kensuke’s Kingdom, a thrilling adventure story from exceptional children’s writer Michael Morpurgo.

Michael, his parents and their faithful dog Stella set sail around the world in their yacht the Peggy Sue. Michael has never been so happy and then disaster strikes when he and his dog are swept overboard and find themselves stranded on an island where he discovers Kensuke, a former Japanese soldier and obstinate old man. Having lost his own family in the war Kensuke realises he must do all he can to help Michael find his own family even though he desperately wants to keep his island secret from the outside world he has turned his back on.

At home, read some adventure stories and some other great stories written by Michael Morpurgo.



In Maths we will be looking at addition and subtraction, decimals and position and direction. 

Over the next few weeks your child will be learning to:

  • order and calculate with money in pounds with the pence expressed as a decimal
  • recognise and write decimal equivalents of simple fractions, including tenths and hundredths
  • plot specific points on a coordinate grid and join them to make a 2-D shape.

At home, support children by practising multiplication and working on their specific times tables that they reinforcing.


Learning the Ukulele

Children in Year 4 have shown real dedication to learning the ukulele and all their hard work is going to pay off. At the end of this term we have the privilege of visiting Derby Arena to accompany the Halle Orchestra along with hundreds of other students from the surrounding area. This will be a fantastic opportunity for our pupils to play alongside a live professional orchestra, which is one of those once in a lifetime experiences; an event not to be missed!